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Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands with a vast cultural diversity. The country therefore has great potential for tourism. Since 2009, Switzerland has been promoting sustainable tourism that contributes to economic development and creates new business opportunities and jobs.
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A Swiss programme supports tourist services in a number of Indonesian destinations, which help protect nature and local culture and involve the local population. This programme makes Indonesia more attractive to tourists, for example by advising local service providers.
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To successfully offer services in the tourism sector, the staff involved must have the necessary skills. In collaboration with local authorities and the private sector, the programme therefore increased its support for vocational schools and higher education institutions in 2019. This enabled them to improve the quality of their training and align it more closely with the needs of local businesses in the tourism sector.
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"Our teaching staff are better qualified now, and we have more students graduating from our course"
, says Agustinus Taruk, head of a vocational school in Toruja.
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Of course, tourism can also have a negative impact on the climate, natural resources and the cultural heritage of local communities. The Swiss programme therefore also supports sustainability schemes of local governments, for example to reduce plastic and waste.
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Since the programme was launched in 2009, international tourist numbers in the selected destinations have risen by over 65%. The level of tourist satisfaction has also improved, leading to a 60% rise in tourist spending. This has enabled hundreds of families to increase their incomes.

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Website SECO: Indonesia

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